Church Cleaning

Posted by: Pastor

As we have been journeying through the Bible, it has intrigued me to read how God specified what He wanted regarding Divine Worship. In the book of Exodus, he gave instructions concerning the Tabernacle, such as:

1. Collection of materials
2. Ark an atonement cover
3. Table of the bread of the Presence
4. Gold lampstand
5. Curtains and frames
6. Altar of burnt offering
7. Garments and ordination of the priests
8. Voluntary gifts
9. Appointment of craftsmen
10. Erection and dedication of the tabernacle, etc.

Now, I know that the Lord’s Presence is not present as it was in the days of old, for now His Presence indwells the believer. However, I believe that God does care about His house of worship, or as Jesus’ put it, His “House of Prayer.” We ought not to neglect our church buildings. I feel that God is honored when we maintain His house of worship clean and presentable. That is why…we will be having an all day Church Cleaning and Rummage Sale on March 14th. I encourage you to come and dedicate some time to beautifying God’s House. Let use our God-given talents and skills for His honor and glory.

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